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Here at GPUsed, our process is designed to make your selling experience quick and hassle free!

1. Check out our pricing list for an idea of what we would offer for your graphics card (may be more, depending on condition) or simply fill in the contact form below this page (we also offer quotes for mining rigs now too so contact us if that's you!)

2. If you contact us, we will reply with a quote within 24 hours, (always the best!) and then we will try to agree on a price that suits both parties.

3. Delivery or collection will be arranged depending on value of your sale and location, if postage is selected, we can pay for the postage label and even send you packaging if needed.


Simply complete the contact form for your quote. ( We will try to reply within 24 hours )

Please include your graphics card make and model along with any other specifics you know, eg. age, cosmetic damage etc. The more information you have available, the better chance you have at getting a fast quote!


Also, take a look at some typical prices that we offer (just below), this should give you a rough idea of the quote you might receive... If you can't see your GPU, or don't like the typical offer, fill in the form and let us know the situation!

Payment is either via Paypal or bank transfer when we receive and test the GPU. We can dispatch any necessary delivery items (packaging etc) to you if needed. Quotes are valid for 5 days from the date of the original quote to avoid fluctuations in card prices when received. If its been over 5 days simple get back in touch and we will re-quote if the market price has changed. Thanks.

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Typical Offers (May Vary)
(Can't see your graphics card? Ask for a quote anyway!)