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About GPUsed -

Founded in 2023 by Max, GPUsed was born out of a shared frustration with the skyrocketing prices of graphics cards. In an era where the demand for GPUs was at its peak, meaning prices shot up, far higher than the actual retail price! So, the idea for a platform that would allow individuals to find affordable graphics cards without compromising on quality was born. And thus, GPUsed came into existence.

At GPUsed, our primary focus is buying and selling used tech, having diversified from solely graphics cards. We understand that the world of technology moves at a rapid pace, and as new models hit the market, many individuals find themselves in possession of perfectly functional graphics tech that are now unwanted for them, from phones to TVs, graphics cards to smartwatches, but perhaps wanted very much by someone else. Our goal is to create a trustworthy place where these valuable assets can be bought and sold without the risk that can come from buying used tech elsewhere, such as eBay, Facebook, Gumtree or similar sites. We aim to stop your used tech sitting around, collecting dust, with it's value depreciating, whilst also generating you a handy bit of cash in the process!

What sets GPUsed apart from the competition is our unwavering commitment to offering the best prices and service in the industry. We take pride in being the cheapest supplier online, whilst not compromising on quality or service for even a second. Ensuring that our customers have access to affordable tech that suits their budgetary requirements. Our dedication to providing cost-effective solutions has made GPUsed the go-to destination for tech enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals looking to maximize the capabilities of their electronic setups. However, due to our very competitive low prices, our stock does sell quite fast and the item you're interested in may disappear any minute, so don't sleep on it!

We understand that trust is paramount when dealing with used technology. That's why we have implemented a rigorous inspection and quality assurance process for every product we acquire. Our experts meticulously examine each item, ensuring that it meets our stringent standards for performance and reliability. This way, we can confidently offer a range of high-quality, certified pre-owned graphics cards that you can rely on.

At GPUsed, we are more than just a marketplace. We are a community of individuals passionate about technology, sharing a common goal of making cutting-edge tech accessible to everyone and defeating the ever-growing mountains of e-waste, which amount to approximately 50 million metric tonnes per year! Our dedication to excellent customer service means that we are here to assist you every step of the way, whether you have questions about a specific product, need guidance in choosing the right graphics card for your PC setup, or require support post-purchase, our friendly team is ready to help.

Join the GPUsed community today and experience the joy of finding affordable technology without compromising on quality. Together, let's reshape the way technology is bought and sold, one transaction at a time.

Here's the team at the moment, I know it's only small but that's what allows us to be so user friendly and flexible to meet every customer's needs, rather than having a cut and paste system in place for every customer. Every customer is different and deserves to be treated as such.

Thank you :)


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