If you choose to buy from us you'll notice an option to donate at checkout. 1%, 5% or 10%. These donations don't go to us, 100% of the donations given go to our nominated charity. is a charity who is decentralising the support and aid given to entrepreneurs in countries that need it most, skipping out corrupt governments and getting the funding straight to the entrepreneurs.

As previously stated, 100% of the tipped proceeds will be donated to the charity. Please do consider tipping. 1%, 5% or 10% might not be much to you, but if every order receives a tip, it begins to contribute a lot to the people who need it most.

I personally put forward this year as I feel a strong connection with it and have donated a lot of my own money to it. Being an entrepreneur in the UK seems hard enough, never mind in a developing country. You can only imagine trying to run a start-up deprived of basics like food, water and healthcare with nothing but majorly corrupt governments, it really puts the entrepreneurial struggle in the UK into perspective.

If you have any questions regarding anything to do with this charity or the proceeds, please get in touch and we'd be happy to talk about it.

This is the website if you're interested in having a look, again, the website is Thank you for taking the time to read, it means a lot!

This isn't a marketing ploy, you won't see us advertising it around our site, unless we're trying to get more donations!



If you have any recommendations for charities you'd like to be considered for 2025 and beyond, please let me know.

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