GPUsed is currently offering a 4070 raffle in an effort to build a stronger community feel around our brand and what better way than to give items away!

Tickets start from as low as £1.99 when buying 10, or £2.50 for a single ticket (purchases are limited to 10 per player to keep it fair for everyone taking part).

If you win the raffle, you get to choose from 2 prizes. A Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce 4070 Windforce OC 12GB GDDR6X or £500 in cash (payable via bank transfer or Paypal, whichever you choose) 

If you're feeling lucky and don't have any further questions, feel free to buy your raffle ticket now! The raffle lasts 2 months and so, the prize draw will take place on 31/08/2024, or when the tickets sell out, whichever is sooner, so you aren't waiting too long.

NB. When you enter the raffle, please provide your phone number and/or email address at checkout so we can contact you if you're the lucky winner!

By law we are provided to allow a free entry option too, this will be granted via postage. On a blank sheet of paper, write your name, address, date of birth, email address and which prize draw you want to enter (e.g. if you want to enter the Gigabyte 4070 Raffle, please specify 'Gigabyte 4070 Raffle'. Send the sheet of paper with your details in an envelope to the following address via either first or second class post: GPUsed LTD, 40 Humber Road, North Ferriby, HU143DW. If you send a postal entry and that turns out to be the winning entry, you will be entitled to the exact same prize options as the paid entry version.

Please bear in mind that with the free entry version, you will still have the burden of paying for the postage to us, which is typically not far off the entry price for 1 ticket anyway, so please do consider supporting a small business and pay the £2.50 for the ticket rather than paying a similar amount for postage and going down the 'free' entry route!

This raffle requires you to accept all our terms and conditions as well as requiring you to be older than 18 years old.

Thank you and of course, good luck!

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