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If you're looking to sell your old item(s) to us at the same time as buying an upgrade then you've got a couple of options. The items don't have to be comparable, you can exchange a MacBook and a PS5 for a high end graphics card for example. The 2 options from a part exchange point of view are below, however, you'll need a quote for our item either way, so don't forget to contact us for your free quote and explain you're wanting to part exchange as it can add as much as 20% onto our offer!


Option 1 - You can buy the item you want from us first, then once it’s arrived and you’re happy with it, you can send your item to us. We’ll test it and pay within 24 hours of receiving it, just like we would with any other purchase. This way you’ll never be without the item in question between upgrading, but you do have to take a slightly bigger upfront hit by buying the item in full before we send your money for the item you trade-in.


Option 2 - You can post your item to us first, and then once we receive it, we’ll test it and once we're happy with it's performance, we'll reduce the price of the item you’re interested in by the amount we agreed for your trade-in item. This way you don’t have to take the larger up front payment for the item you’re upgrading to, but you may have to go a few days without the item in question. E.g You're treating yourself to a £500 RTX 3080 and you've traded in a £200 RTX 3060 and a £200 iPhone, we'll lower the price of the RTX 3080 to £100 and send you a link to buy it.


Whichever suits you best, just let us know and we’ll discuss postage information etc. If you have any questions feel free to ask as we’ve done this a fair few times now and appreciate it may be your first!

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